govCMS Procurement

Systemik and our design and development partners provide single source procurement through the Citadel Group.

The Citadel Group (CGL) is a leader in the development and delivery of systems, services and managed solutions to government. Citadel have over 250 staff nationwide, a $200 million market capitalisation, and an ability to 'reach back' and draw on the expertise of over 1,500 people. Their client base includes government agencies at all three levels (i.e. local, state and federal) as well as blue chip private sector businesses.

They are represented on over 200 different contract and preferred supplier arrangements nationally, many of them established organisations seeking specialist skills. The company is proud to be 100% Australian-owned and in 2014 was successfully listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:CGL).

DHS ICT Services Panel

For small to medium scale site migrations the DHS panel provides a simple procurement process. To access this panel, your agency must have signed a piggy-back arrangement with the department. Many departments already have, but if not, its a simple process; contact and they will advise. Requests for Quotations can then be directed to The Citadel Group Limited as a listed panel member

Other ICT Services Panels

For more substantial projects, the Citadel Group is represented on a range of panels including the Department of Infrastructure & Regional Development’s ICT Services panel ( and the Department of Education & Training (,  Both of which allow all agencies to use piggy-back.

Supporting Indigenous Procurement

If you are looking for indigenous procurement options, our services can be accessed via the ServeGate Pty Ltd indigenous business (of which Citadel is a member).  Under Exemption 17 of the Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPRs), any Commonwealth agency can approach ServeGate for a direct quote for the provision of goods or services. The Exemption can be applied to any procurement where its estimated value is at or above the relevant procurement threshold ($80,000 for general goods & services).


Development Partners

Systemik partner with the following organizations for IA, site design, theming, site build and custom development.